Englisch LK in Irland


„Our Journey to Dublin“

by Sophie Düffel und Lina Kasischke

LK Englisch Q1

On the morning of  May 15thwe started our journey to Dublin with our teachers Mrs. Behnen and Mr. Zimmer.

First, we had to travel by train to Cologne Airport where we would take the next flight to Dublin in Ireland.

After an exciting flight, which was the first time for some of us, we landed just outside of Dublin.

The first thing we saw at Dublin Airport was a half naked man lying in the sun on a traffic island. What an impression …

Then we took the bus to the city centre where our hostel was supposed to be, however, finding it turned out to be a bit harder than expected since we passed it multiple times before we finally got there.

The distribution of the rooms was easy – all of the 10 girls in one room and all of the 7 boys in the other one. A nightmare for some of us, but we still managed to get through the rough times of sharing one single bathroom.

In the evening we had the chance to walk through the City of Dublin with its many beautiful old shops and vintage bars. Of course, we were hungry so while most of the guys decided to just order some food, the girls went to the local supermarket, bought some ingredients and cooked a cheap and delicious meal at the hostel we were staying at.

While cooking and eating, we had an interesting conversation with an Indian and an Irish girl which surely helped us to improve our English skills, even though we encountered some minor comprehension problems. But after all it turned out to be quite funny.

The second day started off very promising and with many excited feelings, because a great hike along the coast was planned.

But first it was time for breakfast. Although it was very simple and quite minimalistic it still made us full.

Eventually we tried walking quickly to the bus station, where we were actually supposed to be waiting only 17 minutes. However, we noticed that we had to have the exact change of 3.30 € each, in order to get a ticket, so Mr. Zimmer thought: „Well, we still have some time left. I´ll just hurry up and change some money into smaller change.“ This turned out to be a bad decision and unfortunatly he was not fast enough, so we missed the bus by one minute and had to wait for another 20 minutes.

When the bus came we finally reached our destination and some students were already so hungry again that they bought the typical British meal „Fish and Chips“, which sounded better than it actually tasted …

Strengthened for the supposedly 3 hours long hike we started, but instead of the promised time we ultimately needed 5 hours.

After approximately 2 hours the first students started whining and towards the end of our hike there was basically no one left not struggling.

It was a great accomplishment and we all were really proud.

To reward ourselves, we had dinner all together in a nice restaurant where we had previously reserved a long table.

Later, we once again needed suitable change for the bus ticket, which was quite difficult for us to find.

Since we all were really exhausted, we spent a quiet and relaxed evening.

On the third and final day we met after breakfast to visit the city centre and to give short presentations about famous sights like the Christ Church Cathedral, statues like Molly Malone and Oscar Wilde or the Trinity College.

It was really interesting and it safed us some money too, since we didn´t have to pay for a guided sightseeing tour.

Then it was time to eat and we agreed on cooking together at the hostel, but again most of the boys and some other students decided to rather go out to eat something, so we stayed a small group and cooked some delicious pasta.

To end the evening, we even visited a typical Irish pub and tasted the traditional beer „Guinnes“. However, not all of us were 18 and therefore not able to get into the pub. Back at the hostel we spent some time playing some board games with the teachers and went to bed relatively late.

On Saturday it was time to pack our bags and to get ready for the journey back home. Since it was the weekend, we even got pancakes for breakfast at the hostel. A great way to start the day off! Then we made our way to the airport and after a minor inconvenience, where a student almost lost her plane ticket, we got into the plane and flew back home.

Funnily enough, the return flight took 2 hours longer than the outgoing flight.

From Cologne Airport it was only a short train ride until we were back home again. Even though it was sad to leave Dublin so soon, we were happy to be back.

A huge thank you to our teachers Mr. Zimmer and Mrs. Behnen, but also our classmates who made this journey unforgettable!


Ulrich Vomhof